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Webster was founded in 1879 by James W. Webster under the name “Gardentown”. It was initially established as a colony for settlers from England. With time, it became a stopover for travelers between Houston/Harrisburg, Galveston, Kemah, and Seabrook. In 1903, the Houston Chamber of Commerce invited the former Japanese member of parliament and a Christian theologian, Seito Saibara, to come live in Texas to teach the residents rice farming. It was a time when rice was an emerging and important cash crop. Saibara settled in Webster and established a small farming community of Japanese Christians. Saibara along with his son Kiyoaki established the bedrock of what became the rice industry of the U.S. Gulf Coast.

The climate in this area is characterized by hot, humid summers and generally mild to cool winter, allowing bugs to flourish and spread, potentially to your property. Consider the following common pests you may find in your home and whether you need an exterminator in Webster.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny brownish flat and oval shaped insects around the size of an apple seed. They survive by consuming the blood of animals or humans. They swell and turn to the color red after a feeding. They are difficult to detect because when they bite, it is painless and it happens usually at night when they are active and you are asleep. An indication that you have bed bugs is if you smell a musty odor. This odor is produced by their pheromones. If you find red rusty looking stains on your bed sheets, that’s clear evidence that you have bed bugs.

As their name suggests, they often reside in the bed. They are also attracted to clothing and furniture like couches, chairs, curtains and sometimes at the edges of the carpet. Bag any article of clothing or bedding that you find with bed bugs. Heat the clothes and bedding on a household dryer and set it at high heat for 30 minutes. This will kill the bed bugs and their eggs.


Termites eat wood for its cellulose, a chemical compound that they need to survive. Termites possess microorganisms called protozoa inside their digestive system to break down the wood, turning it into proteins and sugars both organisms can digest. The size of termite colonies typically consists of two million individual termites, allowing them to do an incredible amount of damage to houses. Termites normally target the foundations and crawl spaces before expanding to other areas like the floor, walls and the ceiling.


Many people believe if you have cockroaches, it’s due to poor housekeeping. While it’s true being sanitary helps prevent cockroaches, among many other pests from invading your home, that is not always the reason why. Entry points like cracks or crevices on the foundation, walls, window sills, vents, sewers, leaky pipes, or gaps underneath the door are ways for cockroaches to enter for shelter from colder temperatures.

Some of the ways to prevent cockroaches are sealing off those entry points. If there are some already inside your property, you can set sticky traps. Properly putting away food in sealed containers and not leaving food sitting out on counters will help keep cockroaches away. Clean the liquids left in the sink. Keeping a clean home will limit the cockroaches’ options to spread disease.  

Green Country Pest Control

We are the best Webster exterminator company that can eliminate bed bugs, termites and cockroaches. We have skilled technicians trained to confront any pest situations. We provide free inspections to plan and prevent pests from invading your home or business. We offer a pest free guarantee to ensure that you feel comfortable in your property.  

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