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Home to many parks and preserves, Texas City is an amazing place to be outdoors and enjoy time with your family. The Bay Street Park is rich with proud history for the city as it commemorates the Aero Squadron, a U.S. Army air squadron that predated the modern Air Force. The park even has wilderness trails and family entertainment areas. The biggest natural preserve is the Texas City Prairie Preserve, located on the shores of Moses Lake and set in a terrain of wetlands away from the busy life of the city. It’s perfect for camping and fishing. There is even a boardwalk for tourists to explore nature. Whenever enjoying parks like these we think of ways to protect ourselves from pests but do we ever think of that the same way with our homes? 

Unwanted Guests in Texas City

Sometimes we can forget what a temptation our homes are to pests. It is a place for food, water and shelter for them to claim. They are attracted to the lights we display at night, the crumbs we may leave behind and the warmth inside. Pests range from all sorts of insects like ants, termites, scorpions, spiders to rodents like mice and rats. That’s why it’s important to protect our homes from turning into a shelter for pests. So how do you know if you need pest control in Texas City?

Check your doors, windows, the foundation, attic, and other entry points for signs of pests. Its areas like these to have a pest control technician to spray and eliminate the chances for pests to enter your home. Keep an eye out for leaks such as any by the sinks, toilets, bathtubs. Don’t forget to look outside for objects with standing water like fountains, birdbaths, trash containers, plastic covers and pools as they can be potential breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes. Consider checking if your gutters are not filled with leaves and debris or avoid having dirty and wet crawl space as it may attract rodents, termites and centipedes.    

Pest Control When You Need It

Looking for pest control in Texas City? Green Country Pest Control has the experts you need. With professional technicians that seal your entry points and with safe and green products, our treatments will keep the inside of your home safe, areas such as your Kitchen, bathrooms, anywhere pipes are sticking out of the walls, and the baseboards. We create a barrier outside your home by spraying three feet up on the foundation all around the home and another three feet out to the yard. No matter what pest control problem you may be facing, Green Country is ready to stand by you. With a pest free guarantee, our services will leave your home feeling protected and comfortable.  

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