How to Get Rid of Spiders in League City

Spiders aren’t as bad as people think. They help kill pests that make life a nightmare. But that doesn’t mean that they need to be all over the inside of your house. Here are a few ways to get rid of those pesky spiders that seem to have made your home their home.


Remove Food Source

Just like any animal in the world, spiders follow food. If their food gets into your house, they’ll work their way into your house. But, if you manage to get rid of their food, they’ll follow it. Spiders feed on cockroaches, moths, flies and other pests like those. If you remove these pests the spiders will need to go somewhere else to eat, and you will no longer have a spider problem. This could include getting rid of trash to eliminate flies and shutting off your lights at night to attract less moths.



A dirty house provides both shelter and food for spiders. Spiders love private places where they can’t be spied on or spotted. These private places keep them safe from predators. When you are cleaning your house, make sure to clean behind and underneath the sofa. Clean out that old bookshelf that you haven’t touched in years, and anywhere else spiders could be hiding. Secondly, clean any food scraps or clutter lying around. The food attracts cockroaches which in turn attracts spiders. If you keep your house clean the spiders won’t have any food, or anywhere to hide.


Kill/Move by Hand

Some people want to be involved in getting rid of spiders from their home. There are two schools of thought on getting rid of spiders, extermination, and relocation. Extermination is intuitive. Get chemicals, newspapers, and shoes and kill every spider you see, either smash or spray them. This paired with cleaning your home and getting rid of the spider’s food source will force them away from your home. For the less aggressive relocation can work just as well. Relocation entails capturing every spider, either with products built for it, or with just a cup and a piece of paper, and placing that spider outdoors away from your home.


Get A Professional

Arachnophobia is a legitimate fear, and sometimes people can even go near a spider. For others killing or moving all the spiders by hand just isn’t an option, because they are too busy with life. For all scenarios getting a professional to help you get rid of spiders is a good idea. You can hop on google and look for League City pest control and find some of the best exterminators in the area.

Now you know some steps to take to get rid of the spiders in your home. While killing by hand, getting rid of the spiders food, and cleaning your house are good ways to get the spiders out of your home, there is nothing better than getting an expert in League City spider control to give you more pointers and make sure those spiders are exterminated professionally.

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