Tiffanie Fuller
Tiffanie F.
02:23 23 Jan 20
Yay!!! For Green Country!!! I just moved out here from Germany for work. I’ve never had to deal with bugs. Especially nasty spiders. Cory was so very kind and made sure I was bug free and gave me and my family an amazing deal. Love they are plant based product users and it’s safe for kids and pets. Highly recommend this company. DANKE!!! Cory and Green country!!!
Damion Benjamin
Damion B.
02:12 23 Jan 20
Extremely happy with the services this company provides. They are honest and fair and work hard. Love the fact they are local. Thanks Mr. Cory for getting us set up. Highly recommend this company!!!
Amanda Lorenza
Amanda L.
02:55 21 Jan 20
I have to rave about Green Country for a min. Not only are they responsive and diligent. They are so so very kind. I honestly can’t believe how well they treat me. I’m humbled and so so happy I’m a customer and decided to switch over to them.I will tell anybody and everybody. If you are NOT using GREEN COUNTRY as your current provider you’re missing out BIG TIME. I’ve used at least 6-7 different companies in my years living in Texas and not one comes close to Green Country. From top to bottom they are amazing. Thank you Green Country and thank you Cory for knocking on my door. You’re the best!!!!!
Steven Fronk
Steven F.
02:43 21 Jan 20
I’m very pleased and happy with the services I’ve received from Green Country. A representative by the name of Cory sparked my attention. I was already with another company. I switched over for a reasons1. I like the fact that they are truly locally owned and operated. Love supporting small business.2. The actual products they use are safe and their attention to detail is first-class3. Cory who knocked on my door was nothing but kind and very very sharp. He left a strong impression with my wife and I and as a retired military sergeant. I can spot a good egg when I see one. Cory is definitely that. Glad I made the change from my old pest control service to Green country. Highly highly recommended.
Carlos Tooge
Carlos T.
15:56 20 Jan 20
Michelle Lynch
Michelle L.
04:13 19 Jan 20
My experience with Green Country has been great!!!! I love the fact they are locally owned. I love the fact the products they use are kid and pet friendly. The gentleman I worked with by the name of Cory was such a delight to work with. He surely does represent this company with great character and enthusiasm.I would highly recommend Green Country to everybody that is looking for a top tier locally owned business in the Pest Control field.
Bri Saley
Bri S.
21:40 18 Jan 20
Cory did an amazing and efficient job! He was very knowledgeable, polite and thorough. He explained every step and took extra time to make sure all my questions were answered. I have been so impressed and happy I switched to Green Country! I love the fact they are a locally owned and operated company. I’m all for supporting small business. for pest control and I highly recommend Green Country Pest Control!
Ronaldo Dominguez
Ronaldo D.
15:31 18 Jan 20
I have loved my experience with Green Country. I love the fact that they are truly locally owned and operated. A lot companies say they are. But, it’s true with this company. The service has been A+I switched from another company and I’m so glad I made the switch to Green Country. Cory has been awesome to work with. Grateful for his willingness to help me and my family out when needed. This company comes highly recommended. Ask for cory. He will take care of you!!!
Amy Cabness
Amy C.
15:17 18 Jan 20
Everything has been wonderful from start to finish. Cory set everything up and it has been super smooth. Unfortunately we got some bugs that will have to be sprayed differently and Quentin did an amazing job at explaining the process and everything I need to do. Very pleased with the service all the way from the set-up with Cory to service completion with Quentin.
Debra Resendez
Debra R.
18:15 05 Jan 20
I’m asthmatic and Green Country uses organic solution and I have not had a breathing problems. Also I have an indoor cat that is not bothered at all by the solutionLove that the same person comes to my house every time.
Steve Rodriguez
Steve R.
23:17 18 Dec 19
Chelsea Mortensen
Chelsea M.
02:29 02 Dec 19
Gretta Yeager
Gretta Y.
18:24 15 Nov 19
Cory Kellogg
Cory K.
22:36 04 Nov 19
Amazing company!!! I have had a few different companies come and do services here on my property. None have I appreciated more than green country. The attention to detail is awesome and they are just good genuine people. I would recommend these guys to anybody out there. If you have a company switch over to green country and you will be happy you did.
Amanda Richard
Amanda R.
01:30 26 Oct 19
Johnathan Flenaugh
Johnathan F.
14:43 21 Oct 19
Read Flake
Read F.
20:50 16 Oct 19
The Green Country Pest Control team is the best in the area. The technicians are experienced, helpful and friendly!
laura sims
laura S.
19:46 16 Oct 19
Alison Allen
Alison A.
14:23 28 Sep 19
Vikkie Yeager
Vikkie Y.
21:12 19 Sep 19
Bo Yang
Bo Y.
18:47 01 Aug 19
At first i was skeptical whether or not I need pest control, but a particular nasty ant infestation I was convinced to go with Green County. since then, I haven't seen a single living pest in my house other than the occasional fly. I highly recommend Green County, all families should have a good pest control service.
Darren Flake
Darren F.
17:52 29 Jul 19
Quinton always does a good job on the eaves and all asks me if there is anything new he might want to treat for. Best company
Thomas Fankhauser
Thomas F.
15:10 26 Jul 19
Very thorough job and considerate treatment.
Jazmine Sanchez
Jazmine S.
13:43 26 Jul 19
Great customer service!!
Hirak S Basu
Hirak S B.
16:53 03 Jul 19
Their prompt response and appropriate and immediate remedial action to all issues.
Mike F.
Mike F.
14:55 06 Jun 19
Our technician Matt was friendly, informative, and efficient in taking care of our pest problem. Discussing the service with the owner Reid ahead of our...
Perla Ayala
Perla A.
14:00 04 Jun 19
Ed Hdez
Ed H.
23:29 29 May 19
Really like the product used indoors and outside. Great results. Last a good amount of time. The service techs are very friendly and do a good over all job. I've been very satisfied since the beginning.
Mike Stevens
Mike S.
20:23 20 May 19
They are always very professional, courteous and always on time. Over 50 years we have had several different pest control companies but Green Country personnel have been the most thorough service treating all areas in ways no other pest control company has ever done.
Jessica Scott
Jessica S.
23:31 07 May 19
Rene Bush
Rene B.
22:55 05 May 19
Eric Vasiloff
Eric V.
00:10 27 Apr 19
Great customer service. Very professional and good communication. We’ve had excellent results and will continue to use them!
13:34 16 Apr 19
great company. highly recommend them.
Johneta Turner
Johneta T.
20:22 11 Apr 19
Very professional. Courteous. Easy to work with. Friendly. High-quality work.
Heather Sjodin
Heather S.
21:11 08 Apr 19
This is the most trustworthy company I have worked with in Texas. My Technician, Quinton, is wonderful. Anything we have requested to get help with he has completed. If we feel we have additional problems he always comes back.
Laura Schmidt
Laura S.
17:30 06 Apr 19
Green country is the best. Safe for pets and kids. Bye bye bugs.
Barbara Leblanc
Barbara L.
15:03 28 Mar 19
We had a pretty bad infestation that came on pretty quickly. Green Country took care of the problem very professionally. It took a few times of spraying to get rid of them, but only had to unload cabinets the first time. Follow ups were a breeze!! I highly recommend them!!
Tami Todd
Tami T.
00:25 27 Mar 19
Ronnie bimage
Ronnie B.
00:45 18 Mar 19
Hirak S Basu
Hirak S B.
17:30 21 Feb 19
A very dependable enterprise. I am using them for pest control in my home at Sugar Land for the last couple of years. They maintain schedule rigorously and quick to respond to any specific concern over and above their schedule maintenance with no extra charge. They work on Saturdays as well and can be scheduled for indoor treatment for homes, where weekday scheduling could be difficult.
Deborah Schultz
Deborah S.
21:32 13 Feb 19
Great customer service and pest control. Everyone has always been very friendly.
Andy Trawick
Andy T.
05:07 13 Feb 19
Heather Zazulak
Heather Z.
15:39 11 Feb 19
Great customer service!
Robin Grant
Robin G.
18:35 07 Feb 19
Neelam Khan
Neelam K.
17:01 29 Jan 19
Matt is a real nice and helpful guy! Very professional and efficient. Great service, would definitely recommend!
Ryan N.
Ryan N.
12:12 25 Jan 19
Great and efficient service. Extremely customer friendly. I do wish that it was a little less expensive, but I'm definitely happy to no longer have a...
Daniel Weber
Daniel W.
22:44 14 Jan 19
He was on time and did a great job. Even knocked down web and bugs on Porch. Recommend Mr Powell and Company highly.
Megan Child
Megan C.
17:54 30 Dec 18
Pete Van Beek
Pete Van B.
17:50 29 Dec 18
Quinton always does an excellent job. Very polite and thorough.
Suzanne Brigham
Suzanne B.
22:17 26 Dec 18
professional, thorough and listens to areas of concern
17:58 18 Dec 18
Bettye Perry
Bettye P.
17:20 10 Dec 18
Prompt and courteous service and good results. Definitely recommend
Jessica Llorente
Jessica L.
02:28 29 Nov 18
Michael de la garza
Michael de la G.
05:31 28 Nov 18
Chad Wright
Chad W.
01:55 23 Nov 18
Azeez Sadeqi
Azeez S.
03:45 13 Nov 18
The work and communication is very professional, in addition the service and staff are very friendly and easy to work with
Suzanne Brigham
Suzanne B.
00:33 13 Nov 18
Jennifer Scott
Jennifer S.
22:48 08 Nov 18
Elena Gutierrez
Elena G.
14:09 01 Nov 18
Quinton was professional and efficient. He explained what he was doing and what to expect. My daughters blocked him from entering a closet but once they were done playing in there he went back up the stairs to complete the job. I really appreciated his professionalism and attention to detail.
Walter Gernand
Walter G.
18:01 26 Jun 18
I decided to try out Green County Pest Control after I wanted to switch from another vendor that I was not satisfied with. Matt serviced our house and was extremely helpful, responsive, and addressed our immediate concerns regarding a "little" bug problem we were having. Matt and Green County Pest Control have taken the extra step to ensure that we are happy customers and in return, we will use them in the future. Thank you, Matt and thank you, Green County Pest Control.
Eric Rojas
Eric R.
20:23 14 Jun 18
Matt with Green Country Pest Control was awesome! I recently changed companies because of Matt’s professionalism and job knowledge. He came out to our house and immediately addressed and fixed our pest concerns.
Robert Salinas
Robert S.
18:12 10 Jun 18
Received great customer service. Matt was very professional, explained everything to me and my husband. Great rate!
Coy Stout
Coy S.
02:28 03 Apr 18
They have been great setting appointments that fit our busy schedule. Our pest control technician was great to he explained everything he was doing and answered all our questions. The price is reasonable and well worth it. I would highly recommend them to anybody needing pest control.
Lisa Avilez
Lisa A.
20:06 03 Oct 17
So after 2 years of doing our own pest control i decided to give a company a try. We went with Green Country Pest Control and after speaking with Joseph and dealing with Brise I think it's safe to say we did a good choice. They were very polite and did a good job with the work.
Tammye Jrg
Tammye J.
00:29 16 Aug 17
Ben was very nice and professional. He did his job quickly, proficiently, and he explained everything that was done.
Julie Giddings-Mitchell
Julie G.
16:41 21 Jul 17
Both technicians were friendly even with my animals and did a great job! Thank you 🙂
Don Swinner
Don S.
13:55 10 Jul 17
Ben was very professional throughout the whole process. He introduced himself once he arrived, answered my questions, explained how the service was going to be performed. After he finished, Ben explained the billing process, what chemicals were used and why, and gave recommendations of future treatments since this is a newly constructed home.
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth J.
16:32 14 Jun 17
Great company to have to get rid of little creatures �����
Daysi Ortega
Daysi O.
03:20 13 Jun 17
So far I am satisfied with my first treatment! Noah was very helpful I had really great customer service! Definitely recommend this company!
Millie G.
Millie G.
09:05 10 Jun 17
Deon was awesome! He was early for the appointment, and was very thorough! I was provided with all the details of the services he would be performing. All...
Jay Rogers
Jay R.
14:04 09 Jun 17
Noah was very thourogh and professional. Thanks.
Dianne Chaviers Stanton
Dianne Chaviers S.
19:57 01 Jun 17
I have received the best service. I was apprehensive to sign up for service but I'm so glad I did. I've been so pleased ever since. I signed up for service and two days later the technician was at my home. Ben was amazing and very thorough and professional. Thank you so much!
Emily Ireson
Emily I.
14:46 31 May 17
Mr Kevin was fast and friendly, he was also very thorough. I very much appreciate the good job he did. I definitely prefer him to the guy with the last company I used.
Lance Marczak
Lance M.
17:05 24 May 17
Karen Johnson
Karen J.
14:59 22 Mar 17
I wanted ants gone, and now they are. Great service, great techs. Friendly, polite, efficient.
Emily Marler
Emily M.
20:09 20 Jan 17
I love everything about this company. Most door to door companies leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, but this one is a head and shoulders above the rest. Highly recommended!
Read Flake
Read F.
16:28 20 Jan 17
Great service! The technician was very professional and thorough. Highly recommend Green Country Pest Control!
Jennifer Arnold Theobald
Jennifer Arnold T.
14:49 16 Nov 16
We recently moved to a new house in the country and it had lots of bugs. Green country came out when they said they would and did a thorough job. The technician and staff were excellent. I haven't seen any bugs in months!!!! I highly recommend this company.
Jackie Struss Gonzales
Jackie Struss G.
15:58 31 Aug 16

“I love this company! So glad we switched.”

–Michelle W, League City

“Green Country Pest Control did a thorough job. Went the extra mile. Five stars. I would HIGHLY recommend!”

—VaNae F, Alvin

“Technician took the time to listen to us and explain everything. Thank you!”

–Phyllis S, Alvin

“My experience with Green Country Pest Control was great. They treated the inside and outside of my home. Had problems in the back yard with wasps and now It is much better. Would recommend this company.”

– Home Advisor

“I decided to try out Green County Pest Control after I wanted to switch from another vendor that I was not satisfied with. Matt serviced our house and was extremely helpful, responsive, and addressed our immediate concerns regarding a “little” bug problem we were having. Matt and Green County Pest Control have taken the extra step to ensure that we are happy customers and in return, we will use them in the future. Thank you Matt and thank you Green County Pest Control.”

–Walter G, Google Review

“Very responsive to my inquiry, and very rapid service. Professional and thorough, from sales staff to service technician.”

– Home Advisor

“Very professional. Great service. Explained everything to my satisfaction.”

– Home Advisor

“I am very impressed with this company so far. After the initial service, we have been swamped with dead roaches (no live ones at all!) both inside and outside the home. While this sounds truly gross at first, one needs to know that we have been under care of Terminix for pest management for years There should never have been pests around the home in the first place! In short, Green Country has done what Terminix did not—eradicated the vermin from our home.”

–Christine B, Pearland

“Technician did a thorough job on our house. He was polite, explained all he planned to do & answered all questions.”

–Daryl W, Lake Jackson:

“Quinton Is always friendly and professional. The work Is done quickly and efficiently, and he Is always open to questions. I can count on his work to be done correctly.”

–Johneta T, Alvin

“I seldom see bugs but if I have an issue I call and they take care of it. They always send me a text message to say they’re coming and ask if I need anything.”

-Angie’s List

“I am very impressed with this company so far…we had a continual problem with carpenter bees in the porch rafters and ground hornets in the flower beds that Terminix had not been able to contain. They told us it was not possible to eliminate these pests, but just to spray and “hope for the best”. I can say conclusive that after only a single treatment, the bees and wasps are entirely GONE!!! I sincerely hope this promising service continues. Thank you for a wonderful beginning.”

–Christine B, Pearland

“Matthew was on time, professional, very friendly. Did the entire house and back yard quickly. I would definitely use this pest control service again.”

– Home Advisor

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