Most Common Spiders in Pearland, TX

It’s no secret that Pearland, Texas is filled with spiders. The hot and humid climate is perfect to allow a variety of spiders to thrive. If left unchecked, spiders can quickly overtake your home and leave you wondering just why in the world you live in southern Texas. As a provider of pest control in Pearland, we’ll help give you an idea of what spiders are most common in Pearland, we have made a nice list for you. Here are the 5 most common spiders you’ll see:


Wolf Spider

Despite their name, wolf spiders very rarely bite humans and they are not poisonous. Wolf spiders generally range from an inch to about 3 inches in diameter and are covered in hair, giving them a wolf-like appearance. Typically found in yards and fields, wolf spiders usually burrow into the ground and hunt their prey at night. Oddly enough, wolf spiders are one of the few spider species that don’t spin webs, so if you see a spider web in your home, you can be sure it isn’t a wolf spider.

A wolf spider over head view on a white background


Black Widow

Although the name black widow suggests it, it’s a common misconception that female black widows kill and eat male black widows. These black spiders are best known for the red hourglass shape on their abdomen, a signal to other creatures that they aren’t messing around and they don’t want to be bothered. According to National Geographic, black widow venom is 15 times stronger than rattlesnake venom. Needless to say, you’ll definitely want to call a professional to deal with these spiders.

A Deadly Black Widow Spider Waits in its Web


Brown Recluse

The brown recluse, also known as the “violin” or “fiddleback” spider is very common to Pearland and the surrounding areas. Usually about the size of a quarter, these spiders have a violin-shaped pattern on their back, giving them their nickname and making them easily identifiable. Although they are venomous, they are not aggressive and most bites are caused from inadvertent contact with them, such as rolling over a brown recluse in bed.

Brown Recluse Spider sitting on a white background.



There are good deal of spiders in southern Texas, including the famous Tarantula. Despite their size, most tarantulas are not aggressive and will only attack if goaded on, so if you encounter one of these fuzzy spiders, there’s no need to be worried. Compared to most spiders whose lifespan is usually 1-5 years, tarantulas can live much longer, with some females living for as long as 30-40 years, making them a popular pet among spider enthusiasts.

Mexican red knee tarantula isolated on white


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