League City Pest Control

Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or even winter, pests are trying to wreak havoc on your property and get into your home. Our job is simple: get them out or prevent them from coming in in the first place. When your life, work, or family is busy, the last thing you want to think about is pest control. League City, Texas is the perfect place to live, unfortunately bugs seem to feel the same way.

Spider Control

The most frequent subject of calls to us is probably spiders, followed closely by ants. There aren’t many things scarier than being surprised by a big spider, and there’s not much that looks worse than webs all over your home. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of both!

Ant Control

One of our most common spring visitors, ants come into an area looking for food, and once they find it, watch out. They’ll set up a pheromone trail and soon you’ll have thousands crawling around. Depending on the species, using a random spray you buy at the store may actually exacerbate the problem and make the colony break into smaller satellite colonies that are even harder to get rid of. If this sounds like you, League City ant control is only a call away!

Wasp Nest Removal

Having pests isn’t just an annoyance, sometimes it can be painful! Especially if you have children, make sure the wasps are gone so they can avoid getting stung. Let us know if you have a small shed or play set that needs to be treated, we’re happy to do that for you as well as part of our pest control service.


Mice Exterminator

Mice control isn’t just a one-time thing like you might think. Unfortunately if you see a mouse or signs of a mouse in or around your home, there are probably many more nearby. This is why it’s important to have year round protection so that we can take prevention measures and take care of any that do get inside.

Vole Control

If you want a good-looking, and healthy lawn, getting rid of voles should be one of your top priorities. Once they decide they like your property, they can demolish your yard with unsightly tunnel trails and uneven ground.

Rat Exterminator

As if mice and voles weren’t enough, League City also is home to rats. If you need help getting rid of rats, call us ASAP to make sure the issue doesn’t get worse.

Flea Control

Have you ever felt tempted to buy an airsoft gun to keep the neighbor’s cat off your property? Well sure, he’s a nuisance and ryles up your pets, but more than likely if they have fleas, that’s where they came from. Flea pest control is an in-depth treatment because they are very hard and resistant to traditional sprays and have a unique egg cycle. For flea pest control, choose Green Country Pest Control. We’ll do it right the first time.

Bed Bug Control

You may share your bed with pets, but definitely not bugs! If you wake up with itchy little red marks on your skin, you may have bed bug bites. If the next morning you don’t, you’re not “out of the woods”, they only need to feed on an infrequent basis, so make sure to give a bed bug exterminator a call before you start noticing more and more of them. Hint: they are very hard to get rid of once they set up shop in your home.

Termite Control & Treatment

Termites cause billions of dollars worth of damage to homes in the United States. It’s best to protect your home before they’re already chomping at your house. We offer monitoring and termite treatment at an affordable rate, so give us a call today to get a free quote and inspection.

“Pest Control Near Me”

There is a reason why this is one of the most popular searches in the country – everyone hates bugs, insects, and rodents invading their homes and businesses. It’s time to kick them out! Give us a call for a free pest consultation and quote.

Best Pest Control in League City

Green Country Pest Control wants to build a reputation of excellence as the best pest control company in League City. We do this by focusing on customer service, being professional, and making sure our prices are 100% fair.

Most pest control services just want more and more new customers and will do anything to achieve this end. We obviously want to grow, but we also have a goal to keep current customers happy, because they have already spent their hard earned money with us – we don’t take that lightly.

If you’re looking for the top pest removal League City has to offer, League City Pest Control is only one call away.

Our Guarantee- If you need additional service between regular treatments, just give us a call. We’ll come back for FREE.

Nothing is more annoying than pests. The moment they appear inside your home, you know you have a problem. You don’t want to be haunted by the possibility of what might come crawling out from the floorboards of your home. Preparation is key to guarding your home against any uninvited guests, whether it be ants, termites, spiders, roaches or even rodents like rats and mice. If you notice signs of an encroaching infestation or want to prevent them before they even get started, it’s good to be aware of what kind of home protection and pest control League City offers before you spend money on untested DIY solutions.

How to Prevent Pests from Invading Your Home

Everything begins with what you can do to prevent pests from invading your home. Before you consider getting rid of pests already in your home, it’s important to block entry points to prevent any more from coming in, such as doors, windows, holes in the walls, etc. Your doors should be for family and friends only, not neighborhood vermin. Hiring pest control to examine your home eliminates the worry that you missed a spot. A good pest control company not only sprays the perimeter of your home, but identifies how the pests are getting in and seals the cracks.

Do not provide pests with easy sources of food, water, and shelter. Food left out in the open, especially near walls and the floor, or not sealed away properly brings pests swarming into your home. Free standing water, such as pools, water fountains, bird baths, and leaky pipes, also encourages long-term infestation. Near the end of fall, vermin, especially mice, become desperate for shelter. You could leave steel wool for mice at the entry points (because they can’t chew through it) or better yet have a pest control company inspect your home around this time can remove any potential problems areas in and around your home, such as cracks in the foundation, holes around windows/doors, or even pet food left too close to entrances. Pet dishes could bring pests, especially around the ground near the back door or garage. League city resides near the Galveston Bay area, meaning hot, humid summers and cold, humid winters, encourage pests year-round. It will be good to have your home evaluated every 2-3 years to keep your home in tip top condition.

Green Country Pest Control

The answer to your mosquito and termite problem is Green Country Pest Control with decades of experience getting rid of bugs in League City and even offers pest control in Pearland. Green Country Pest Control eliminates your worst pest nightmare, whether it be residential or commercial. DIY solutions can be great but when things go out of control, it’s time to call for pest control, and what better than a local friendly one. We promise high-quality service with a pest-free guarantee.