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Back in 2007, Friendswood was considered to be one of 100 “America’s Best Places to Live” by CNN/Money Magazine. It has a low crime rate and is filled with a lot of activities for leisure such as amazing restaurants and bars. Currently the small city’s population is over 41,000 and continues to grow. Friendswood has a humid subtropical climate. That means the city on average has warm weather and during the summer, Friendswood becomes hot and very humid. It is before the hot weather we should think of the pest that might emerge and prevent them from invading our homes and businesses with the best pest control in Friendswood, TX.


Prevent Sheltering Pests with your Home

Pests will seek shelter during the hot summer and you don’t want your home to be their place of refuge. They will search for entry points, areas in which bugs and rodents seek entry into your home. Places to look out for are cracks and holes that need to be sealed, that includes any damaged pipes and utilities, and ripped window screens. Check the shingles to see if they are sturdy and pay attention to know if any are missing, especially if you recently had strong and windy weather.

It’s important to keep the basement and crawl spaces dry and ventilated. Check the attic and make sure the gutters are free from leaves and other debris that encourages pests to enter into your home. Inspect your foundation if it has any cracks. Such cracks would be invitations to ants, termites and other bugs.

Inside the house, examine the caulking around bathtubs and showers. Also, look for wet spots under the sinks and around the toilets. If the humidity is too high in your home, it will create the perfect climate for pests to attempt to encroach and swarm.


Green Country Pest Control

Are you having pest problems in your residence or commercial property? Have you tried preventing pests on your own but feel like it  may be too late? Green Country Pest Control is ready to keep Friendswood one of 100 “America’s Best Places to Live”. You’ll want a pest control company with decades of experience of getting rid of mosquitoes and eliminating colonies of termites, removing nests of hornets and wasps. We are experts at eradicating ants and spiders. We believe in using the safest and greenest products. Spraying safe treatments inside and around the home will make it be a pest free environment. Our biggest concern is your comfort and safety.

We are the pest control in Friendswood, TX you are looking for. We also provide Green Country pest control in Alvin, Pearland, League City and Galveston.         


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