Spring Pest Control: Keeping Bugs Out

Springtime is a wonderful time of the year. Marked by blooming flowers, chirping birds and new life, spring can be incredibly enjoyable. Even though spring is usually pleasant, the rejuvenation extends to insects as well, bringing a host of new pests in and around your home. As spring approaches, it is time to start thinking about pest prevention and removal. Here are some tips and ideas to keep your home pest-free this spring and summer.


Regular Pest Control Service

Over the past few years, the pest control industry has seen lots of advancements in the science and technology behind the products and delivery methods that are available to pest control companies. What this means for you as a consumer is that pest control is much more environmentally friendly and economical than it used to be. The products that your pest management professional will use are pet and kid friendly, they won’t harm your plants, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg for the guaranteed peace of mind offered. If you haven’t considered a regular pest control service, give your local Pearland pest control company a call. You might just be surprised by the low cost of a regular service.

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Seal off Entryways

That little draft of cold air that comes through the small leak in your front door seal, the one you’ve been putting off fixing, can be a like a grand entrance for insects. To help keep the influx of spring pests out of your home, it is important to seal off any place around your home where pests are likely to enter. This method, known as exclusion, can be an effective first step in keeping your home pest-free. If there are any gaps or cracks around your home, seal them with some caulk or silicone sealant. Replace old or cracked weather stripping to keep door and garage seals airtight.

Closeup of a young handyman applying some sealant on a door with a sealing gun


Clean up the Exterior of your Home

Your yard is currently the breeding and nesting ground for a large number of insects. Why make it easier for the bugs? Those leaves that have been blown against your house become a nice shelter or hiding place for all kinds of creepy crawlies. The fewer reasons bugs have to hang out around your home, the better. At the beginning of spring, make sure you:

  • Rake all of the leaves from your yard
  • Make sure the bushes are trimmed away from your home
  • Trim the trees so they don’t touch or overhand the roof
  • Remove any standing water in your yard or near your home
  • Pick up any fruit on the ground from fruit trees

Young woman raking leaves autumn pile garden veranda housework sweeping


Replace damaged or rotting wood

Ants, like carpenter ants, love rotting wood. Inspect your roof for any leaks or cracks, and if you have shake (wood) shingles, you’ll want to replace the rotting shingles. Some homes have wood decks or wood siding. If not properly treated every few years, water can seep into the wood, creating a world of problems. Take a quick walk around your home and inspect any and all places that wood is exposed to the elements. If you see anything that looks out of the ordinary, it’s best to call a professional.

Dry rotting wood timbers with rusted nails in sunrise lighting on an old farm structure.


In the end, maintaining a clean home, inside and out, is a great way to discourage pests from invading you and your family. Even still, there are scenarios where having a clean home isn’t quite going to cut it. The nice thing about pest control in Pearland is that there are quite a few pest control companies that can give you a quote. If you feel like your efforts aren’t quite enough to fend off the bugs, don’t hesitate to give your local pest control company a call.

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