Pearland Termite Inspection

Pearland is the third-largest city in the Houston MSA. From 2000 to 2010, Pearland was ranked as the fastest-growing city in the Houston MSA and the second-fastest-growing city in Texas. Back in 2010, the Houston Press commented about Pearland’s restaurants, stating “If you happen to live there, you know there are plenty of places to get a good bite.” Pearland’s Parks and Recreation Department has a large, active city entity and strives to provide quality services that connects the community through people, parks, and programs. Termite inspection in Pearland is then important to keep your home and business safe. 

Termite Invasion

Termites pose a huge threat to untreated wood, especially in foundations and decks. While hard to see, they pose a large threat to the stability and value of your home. In Texas, termite inspections are particularly important due to the increased number of termites. Pest control in Pearland is always the best option to consider.

Termites live in colonies similar to ants with a queen, female workers, and male drones. The first sign of termites is a pile of wings, indicating that ‘swarmers’ have landed. Swarmers are male and female termites with wings who leave their nest, usually in the spring, to find a new place to build a colony. They look for rotting wood, like stumps, old fences, or old firewood piles. Once they have found the wood, they shed their wings and start laying eggs.

The next phase of a termite invasion is the shelter tubes, or tubes made from their saliva, feces, and dirt. Beginning in wet ground, the termites build these tubes to get above the foundation to where the wood is. Once there, they chew through the wood and consume most of the material, leaving only a thin outer layer to shield them. They also build drop tubes, which are when termites find wood outside of a tunnel. They bring materials to the wood and build them down to the soil. The tubes look like stalactites. If you find tubes and are unsure if they mean termite activity, break a section away. Old tubes are not maintained and crumble easily. New tubes will be repaired within a few days by termites. Check on the tube in 3-4 days and see if anything has changed. Termite inspection in Pearland, Texas is especially important due to the climate and the proliferation of termites in the area.

While the damage occurs slowly due to their size, it is important to stay on top of, especially when it could mean costly repairs in the future. Dry wood is a particular problem since the small damage from termites could exacerbate already weak wood. Looking into termite inspection resources can help you determine your circumstances.

If you want to start to inspect for yourself, you will need a sharp knife to cut into the wood you think might be damaged. Places where the paint has sunk into the wood or where cracks appear on the surface. Prod the wood with your knife to find a weak spot and peel back the outside edge. A sign of termite infestation will be tunnels within the wood running parallel to the grain. The wood will likely be in the crawl space under the house, or wood similarly near the ground.

Green Country Pest Control

When facing a termite problem, it is best to get the professionals to handle the situation. When debating over which termite inspection in Pearland, you can trust Green Country Pest Control.    We offer free inspections to ascertain whether or not you actually have termites. If you do, we can take care of them.