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Galveston is a beautiful island to live on and an amazing community to be a part of. There’s a main port in Galveston which also serves as a passenger cruise ship terminal for cruise ships operating in the Caribbean. There are tons of things to do such as fun outdoor activities like the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, Galveston Schlitterbahn waterpark, and the Moody Gardens botanical park, which is why Galveston loves tourists. By engaging with such fun outside, we shouldn’t forget the danger of swarming pests.


How to avoid Mosquitoes

When we roam the outdoors, especially during the summer, we tend to get attacked by pests such as mosquitoes. We simply apply on mosquito repellent and go on our merry way in nature or an amusement park. But what do we do when the mosquitoes decide to leave nature and enter into our cities? As Galveston grows, they have less room to be outside.

First, we must remove any body of water that mosquitoes may inhabit. Places to inspect are swimming pools to make sure they are treated with the right products and circulating. Temporary pools are also important to examine. Look for water with dirt and drain them if not in use. Other potential habitats to consider are the rain gutters, trash containers, plastic covers, buckets, tires and even toys may contain standing water. Getting rid of those items as the sources of water for mosquitoes limits the possibility for them to breed.    

If your doors and windows don’t have screens, we suggest you acquire them as soon as possible. Air conditioners help keep mosquitoes away. If things get drastic you can get a mosquito bed net to sleep under. But why let things get drastic when you can get mosquito control in Galveston to get rid of such annoying pests.


Green Country Pest Control

What you need is an expert company to eradicate all your mosquito problems. Green Country Pest Control can provide the answers to your bug issues. We have decades of experience and professional exterminators that specialize with mosquito control in Galveston. We use safe and green products along with reliable treatment methods that will keep your home protected. Green Country Pest Control reassures that your home both interior and exterior that will help retain your house a family friendly atmosphere The best pest control in Galveston is Green Country Pest Control. Contact us today and to stop worrying about mosquitoes bombarding your home. We also provide services to the surrounding areas like, Pearland, League city, Friendswood, Lake Jackson and more.  


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