Does Green Country Pest Control Guarantee their Work?

Absolutely, with our Pest Free Guarantee, we ensure that if you see insect activity between your regular services, we will come out for free to target that pest or specific area. Please note that after your initial treatment, you may see a temporary increase in activity as insects are flushed out of their hiding places. Rest assured that after the product has time to take effect (1-2 weeks), insect activity will subside. Enjoy peace of mind, with our exclusive Pest Free Guarantee!

Do I need an inspection of my home or business before receiving a quote?

For standard pest control service, you do not need a prior inspection. Our standard service will treat for ants, spiders, tree roaches, ear wigs, silver fish and many other common pests. However, for specialty treatments, such as termites, bed bugs, German roaches and fleas, we will be glad to provide a free inspection and quote. Since no two properties are alike, Green Country Pest Control will customize a pest control treatment plan according to the unique characteristics of your property in Friendswood, Pearland, Rosharon the Bay Area and surrounding cities. To schedule a free estimate, please call us or click on “Get a Quote” to provide your contact information.

Are your Pest Control Methods Safe for my kids and pets?

Yes. Green Country Pest Control uses only effective products that are safe for families, pets and the environment. All our products have been tested and approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency and we adhere to all safety standards. Product material and safety information is available upon request.

Can I get rid of my Pest Problem on my own?

While many pest control products are available to consumers, inexperienced applications often lead to poor results. Especially in the case of a widespread infestation, it is not advisable to attempt treatment on your own. Green Country Pest Control professionals are fully trained, experienced and licensed to assess and address your pest control needs to eliminate and prevent recurring problems. In the long run, this will likely save you money. Isn’t it worth the cost of a cup of coffee per day (less than $1.50 in most cases), to have peace of mind with our Pest Free Guarantee?

How often will I need Pest Control Services for my home or Business?

After the initial treatment and a 30-day follow up, Green Country Pest Control will treat your home every other month. This frequency keep the pest repellent products active to minimize insect activity to keep your home pest free. Note that after the initial treatment, generally we only need to spray the exterior to maintain the preventative barrier.

Will I be Required to Vacate my home or Place of Business when you Provide Services?

For standard pest treatments, it is unnecessary to leave your home or the immediate area where our technicians are working. For specialty treatments such as fleas, you may need to clear out of the area for a few hours. Our expert pest control technicians will advise you if this is necessary. Many commercial businesses prefer our services so be performed before or after business hours. Green Country Pest Control always makes the convenience and safety of property occupants our top priority.

Am I required to sign a Contract in order to Receive services?

Green Country Pest Control provides the option of one-time treatments. However, this option does not come with our Pest Free Guarantee. Chances are the insects will return after a few months regardless of who does your treatment or what products they use. By becoming a regular Green Country Pest Control customer, we can provide significant discounts and provide our Pest Free Guarantee which includes free services between regular treatments to ensure your home remains protected.

My neighbor has had Treatments for Termite Infestation. Should I be Concerned?

It is highly advisable to have your home inspected by a Green Country Pest Control technician since termites migrate underground (subterranean). Call us or click on “Request a Quote” for more information.

We have some new Construction nearby our Home in Rosharon. I’ve heard that can increase our likelihood of Rodent activity–is that true?

Yes, a disruption to natural habitat can drive rats and mice to find new homes and increase your likelihood of having a problem. It is highly advisable to have your home inspected by a Green Country Pest Control technician who may recommend a rodent exclusion to protect your home. Call us or click on “Request a Quote” for more information.

I have seen big black ants in and around my Pearland property. What are they?

Large ants are most likely carpenter ants that are classified along with termites as wood destroying insects. Contact Green Country Pest Control LLC to inquire about customized treatment plans so we can properly assess and address the problem.

How can I keep Mice and rats off of my Property?

Complete exclusion without treatment is difficult since most rodents can squeeze through even the tiniest of cracks. Our technicians are trained to seal openings by caulking or inserting steel wool. Green Country Pest Control can provide more effective methods that may only require minimal treatment. Call us or click on “Request a Quote” to schedule your free estimate.

Are Preventative Pest Programs always Necessary?

In our area of Coastal South Texas, insect activity at your home or business is inevitable. A regular pest control prevention program is strongly recommended to prevent infestation before it starts. Green Country Pest Control LLC offers cost effective options to ensure your home or business remains pest free.

How is Green Country Pest Control different from other providers?

All pest control companies are not the same. Our technicians go the extra mile to sweep the peaks and eaves of your home to remove nests and webs. Unlike our competitors, we granulate the lawn around your home every time. In addition to hand-held equipment, we also have powerful pump sprayers to provide the best coverage. Most importantly, as a local, family-owned company, we treat you like family. Our goal is to provide a level of service so that you will want to remain a client for years. Please see our Reviews page for real customer comments on how we have served them better than our competitors.

For further information and a free pest control assessment in League City call us.

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