Green Country Pest Control Family,
We just wanted to send a brief message to all of you during these difficult and unprecedented times.  We are continuing with our normal pest control operations.  Our technicians have been trained to use all sanitation and precautionary measures recommended by the CDC, and our own procedures as well:
  • Maintain social distancing while servicing homes
  • Exterior services only unless interior is requested
  • New pairs of gloves with each service
With warmer weather, insect activity is increasing. Therefore, we recommend that you continue with your regular preventive service to maintain the protective barrier around the exterior of your home.  As always, we will not treat the interior UNLESS you request it.  If anyone in the household is ill, we request that you defer interior treatment until your next regular service.  And you are always covered by our Pest Free Guarantee as long as you maintain regular service.
Thanks for continuing to support local small businesses.  We wish you and your family the best during the weeks ahead.
Read, Dionne, Quinton & the Green Country Family
Green Country Pest Control