Cockroaches Are Getting Harder to Kill

It is conventional wisdom that cockroaches are resilient, hardy and tough insects. Seemingly able to survive impossible scenarios and circumstances, cockroaches are not insects to be trifled with. Well, as if cockroaches weren’t already tough to get rid of, it seems that they are beginning to develop a resistance to the very products designed to kill them.

According to a study from Purdue University, after exposing German cockroaches, the toughest species of cockroach, to different pesticides, they found that the cockroaches not only developed a resistance to the pesticide they were exposed to, but also developed resistance to other pesticides as well. 

Michael Scharf, Purdue professor and Chair in the Department of Entomology, says “This is a previously unrealized challenge in cockroaches. Cockroaches developing resistance to multiple classes of insecticides at once will make controlling these pests almost impossible with chemicals alone.”

So, what does that mean for you? Well, that means that not only are over the counter cockroach products becoming less effective, but that means that not every pest control company will be able to take care of cockroach infestations.Thankfully, at Green Country Pest Control, we take a multi-pronged approach to cockroach control. By using a combination of insecticides and exclusion methods, we are able to not only get rid of cockroaches, but we can offer a guarantee for our services. If you’re experiencing a cockroach infestation, don’t fight it alone. Give us a call today and get rid of your cockroaches once and for all!

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