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We have one simple goal at Green Country Pest Control: to rid your home or business of pests. That includes insects, spiders, and rodents. If you don’t want them, we’re going to get rid of them. End of story.

The problem is that pests are more than just a nuisance. In many cases, they present serious risks to the health and safety of everyone living in the vicinity. In other cases, they can cause massive structural damage to your home or business. Don’t risk the safety of those closest to you by waiting to see if it gets better. Once an insect colony is living on your property, the conditions are already there for them to thrive.

Contact Alvin’s leading pest control specialist. Green Country Pest Control will have you living pest-free in no time!


Alvin is home to many different kinds of pests, you need someone who understands how to protect your home in the most effective way.


If you own a business, you want to make sure it’s efficient. Pests make you business less efficient and is a hindrance to customers.


There are companies out there that only do structural pest control, and will leave you high and dry when specialty pests come up.

Pest Services Info

Ant Control

Ants, and Fire ants in particular, are a part of life down here in Texas. But that doesn’t mean you should have to deal with them on your Alvin property. When we say that pests can endanger your health and safety, we’re talking about fire ants (among other things). Step on a fire ant hill and you could get swarmed by hundreds of ants whose bites will send searing, lighting-sharp pain through your body. Children and pets are especially susceptible because they may not know where the ant hills lie.

Exterminating ant colonies has been a problem for pest control specialists in the past. If the pesticide kills the ants on contact, only a fraction of the colony may be affected. At Green Country Pest Control, we use a slow-reaction pesticide that the ants carry with them for enough time to drag it all over the colony. The ants themselves end up killing the colony from the inside out.

Termite Control and Treatment

Termites are all over properties in Alvin. And they drive local residents crazy. Every time you think you get rid of them, they come back. Large colonies of termites have been known to eat through the framing on decks, barns, sheds, homes, and even apartment buildings. Anywhere there’s wood.

We use a special termite-specific pesticide that’s designed to decimate the whole hive. Once the hive is gone, we can install a termite barrier around your home or business so that they won’t come back.

The nice thing about exterminators like Green Country Pest Control? When we finish a job, we actually finish a job. Guaranteed. Get a termite inspection in Alvin today!

Wasp and Bee Control

Over the past 20 years, there’s been a lot of focus on invasive species of wasps and bees. In Texas and other southern states, media attention has been focused on Africanized bees. Also known as killer bees, these bees are unusual in that every single bee in the hive will go on the attack if the colony is threatened. The venom in their sting is no different from regular honey bees. But the sheer number of them can kill a person.

If you see a beehive, wasp or hornet nest on your property, contact Green Country Pest Control to get it removed. Even if it’s not a killer bee hive, they can present a serious risk to anyone in the vicinity. Best to let the pros deal with it.

Brice was very courteous, professional, and thorough in his explanation of the work and execution of the work itself. I would highly recommend Green Country.

Andy T.


Happy Clients

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My experience with Green Country Pest Control was great. They treated the inside and outside of my home. Had problems in the back yard with wasps and now It is much better. Would recommend this company.

Sandra A.


Matthew was fantastic even though I waffled on what we wanted here. I appreciate patience and professionalism.

Elizabeth P.


We Love Alvin

Unlike some of our national competitors who offer pest control in Alvin TX, we know this area because we actually live here with our families. You need someone from here not only because we know the area well, but because your money will infuse the local economy, not just go in the pocket of another billion dollar company.

Alvin is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas due to its rich climate and local enterprises. With all this growth, we understand that people will eventually clash with pests, both big and small, so when you see insects, bugs, spiders, and rodents, please give us a call – we’re happy to help anyone from the city that we love.


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